Russian journal of resources, conservation and recycling

One of the most active task for Russia has been and remains the task of output of its economy on the pathway of sustainable development, independent of crises, sanctions and other circumstances, i.e. development intended to ensure the fullest opportunities for new generations of Russians.

This task can be solved under the terms of the optimum and full use of all types of resources, including the so-called «waste».

The optimal management of using a variety of resources (natural, intellectual, information and others) is designed to further to the sustainable development of society and the process of positive changes in the people’s live. At the same time the optimal management of using resources implies guarantee of the proactive reproduction or creation of a new substitutional resource in relation to wasting one.

The aim of the Journal «Waste and Resources» consists in promoting formation of the open information environment for the effective exchange of information, opinions and research results in the field of study of the resource use and waste recycling problems.