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Ivanova O.E., Gorbina N.N. (2020). Solid municipal waste: collection and disposal issues. Russian journal of resources, conservation and recycling, [online] 1(7). Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/03ECOR120

Solid municipal waste: collection and disposal issues

Ivanova Oksana Evgenievna
Kostroma state agricultural academy, v. Karavayevo, Russia

Gorbina Natalya Nikolaevna
Kostroma state agricultural academy, v. Karavayevo, Russia

Abstract. The main goal of the work is to review the state of the environmental situation as a result of the generation of municipal solid waste. The theoretical and methodological basis for studying the presented question is based on the basic principles and works of scientists and researchers in the field of environmental problems through the impact of waste on the environment in the world community. On the basis of the research methods used, the territorial features of the generation of production and consumption wastes from treatment facilities are revealed in the context of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. An international comparison allows us to conclude that in European countries the main focus is on waste from the perspective of a strategic resource and most of it is recyclable. The article identifies groups of territorial units according to the Central Federal District, as the most populated region of the country, by the amount of solid municipal waste disposed of per year per capita. The authors pay attention to the issue of accumulation of plastic waste in the structure of municipal solid waste and emphasize their harmful effects on nature and human health. Based on international experience, the emphasis is placed on the fact that in most developed economic countries in the last decade a method of sorting waste by fractions is widely introduced. The presence of the indicated questions confirms the hypothesis of separate garbage collection in solving environmental problems. Recommendations are given on the separate collection of plastic waste in a game form with the name «Fun Plastic». The stages of the implementation of the idea are identified and the aspects of not only the ecological format, but also the formation of the ecological culture are indicated.

Keywords: solid municipal waste; collection; disposal; region; project; ecology; grouping; plastic waste

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