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Malyshev A.A. The development of environmental marketing in the enterprise. Russian journal of resources, conservation and recycling. 2019; 6(1). Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/05ECOR119

The development of environmental marketing in the enterprise

Malyshev Aleksei Alekseevich
Penza state university of architecture and construction, Penza, Russia

Abstract. The article considers the problem that society faced, on the one hand, increased anthropogenic pressure on the environment, on the other hand, the most significant for a person is satisfaction of personal needs, where the main thing is adherence to a healthy lifestyle and the purchase of environmentally friendly products. Therefore, the concept of ecological marketing appears in the life of society. Analyzed the degree of development of environmental marketing at the enterprises of the Penza region. An expert survey was used as a research method. The experts were representatives of industrial enterprises, a scientific school, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Health and Social Development, the Innovation Promotion Center. A survey of experts revealed the following: only selected Russian enterprises pay enough attention to environmental issues; Penza enterprises do not pay attention to environmental issues; the refusal of enterprises to use an ecology-oriented approach consists mainly in increasing the cost of production; Russian products only partially meet the requirements of international environmental standards. The analysis of the development of environmental marketing at the enterprise required the development of a regional model for managing the development of environmental marketing. This model includes four areas: promoting the development and implementation of eco-innovations; improving environmental infrastructure; transition to eco-oriented entrepreneurship; interaction with non-profit environmental organizations. Factors also influence the development of environmental marketing in an enterprise, namely, a high degree of environmental pollution, a low ecological culture of the population, depletion of natural resources, and a low level of economic development. Reducing the influence of these factors will help reduce the level of anthropogenic pressure and increase the level of development of environmental marketing. This article is a continuation of the research reflected in the monograph «Ecological marketing: problems and prospects for development» by the authors Resnik G.A. and Malyshev A.A.

Keywords: ecological marketing; ecological marketing programs; anthropogenic load; environmental protection; ecological culture; ecologization of production; eco-innovation

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