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Derbeneva E.V., Polushkina T.M. (2017). Foreign experience of state regulation of agriculture. Russian journal of resources, conservation and recycling, [online] 4(4). Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/05RRO417

Foreign experience of state regulation of agriculture

Derbeneva Elizaveta Valeryevna
Neither Moscow state university. N.P. Ogareva, Russia, Saransk

Polushkina Tatyana Mikhailovna
Neither Moscow state university. N.P. Ogareva, Russia, Saransk

Abstract. The article analyzes the agricultural production in the Republic of Mordovia. Thus, the Republic of Mordovia is one of the regions of Russia with a high level of agro-industrial complex development. In terms of the volume of agricultural products produced per capita, Mordovia steadily holds the leading positions among the subjects of the Volga Federal District. By gross indicators in the republic in 2016 there is a reduction in the production of milk and such types of crop plants as wheat, sunflower seeds, barley, oats. At the same time, there is an increase in the production of eggs, livestock and poultry for slaughter and gross grain harvest.

The leading branch in the agriculture of the Republic of Mordovia in recent years is livestock. Mordovia ranks first in the Volga Federal District for the production of eggs, the third place – for the production of meat of livestock and poultry. The livestock of the region is primarily represented by poultry farming, the development of which is proceeding at a rapid pace, especially in the last few years.

Crop production averages 40 %. The leading role in the structure of crop production is taken up by the grain economy. On the gross yield of leguminous crops, the Republic of Mordovia ranks 23rd in the all-Russian rating of regions producing leguminous plants. In terms of sugar beet production, the Republic of Mordovia entered the TOP-20 producer regions, thus taking the 12th place. In terms of potato production, the republic ranked 53rd in the ranking of potato producing regions.

Keywords: agriculture; subsidies; agribusiness; regulation; livestock; crop production; agricultural products

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