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Russian Journal of Resources, Conservation and Recycling

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Chelyapina O.I., Arustamov E.A. Ecology – all-planetary and universal science. Russian journal of resources, conservation and recycling. 2021; 1(8). Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/07ECOR121

Ecology – all-planetary and universal science

Chelyapina Olga Ivanovna
Russian state university of tourism and service, Moscow, Russia

Arustamov Eduard Alexandrovich
Russian university of cooperation, Mytishchi, Russia
Moscow state regional university, Moscow, Russia

Abstract. The article dedicated to the environmental exhibition and scientific conference in Ufa emphasizes the high relevance of the problem under consideration and calls for a transition from political confrontation, which is full of the historical development of the world, to peaceful coexistence that unites all countries and peoples of the world.

The danger that has been hanging over humanity in recent years in the form of a global pandemic threat brings to the fore issues not of political confrontation and military confrontation between countries, but the problems of human survival in the conditions of a catastrophic accumulation of sources of environmental problems that lead to the pollution of vast territories and the impossibility of continuing life on them.

To solve these issues, it is necessary to form an ecological worldview in people, which should begin from an early age, so that in all subsequent life the individual not only observes the conditions of environmentally sound behavior and life, but also is intolerant of various manifestations and situations of violation of harmonious existence with the surrounding natural environment.

Keywords: planet Earth; human activity; ecology; land; seas; oceans; earth resources; environmental forum; technology; technology; scientific and technological progress; sustainable nature management; environmental education

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