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Rubleva I.S., Lopin I.L., Gorelov A.S., Kanunnikov A.O. Assessment of the growth potential of waste management industry in the Russian Federation. Russian journal of resources, conservation and recycling. 2021; 8(1). Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/09ECOR121

Assessment of the growth potential of waste management industry in the Russian Federation

Rubleva Irina Sergeevna
PJSC «Centerresource», Moscow, Russia

Lopin Igor Lʹvovich
PJSC «Centerresource», Moscow, Russia

Gorelov Alexey Sergeevitch
SEPI «Mosecomonitoring», Moscow, Russia

Kanunnikov Alexander Olegovich
State university of management, Moscow, Russia

Abstract. Over the past several years, the reform of the waste management industry has been gaining momentum in the Russian Federation, in which a growing number of key players are involved. The active development of this industry is dictated not only by the necessity to maintain sustainable development, but also by a number of social, environmental, and economic factors. To confirm the prospects of the Russian waste management system, both from the point of view of private business and from the point of view of the government, the approximate capacity of the waste disposal market has been identified by the authors of the article.

More than seven and a half billion tons of production and consumption waste is generated in Russia annually, and there is a steady upward trend in this indicator. The analysis of the waste management scenarios carried out in the article shows that in the meantime both landfilling and utilization account for an almost equal share of waste – about 50 %. At the same time, there are incentives for an annual increase in the share of waste sent for utilization.

In the process of estimating the capacity of the waste disposal market, the average cost of disposal of one ton of waste in Russia has been pointed out. High capacity of the promising market for waste disposal in the Russian Federation anticipates an increase in demand for high-tech national equipment in the analyzed industry. The authors also revealed an opportunity for Russian enterprises to save large amounts of financial resources as a result of the transition from landfilling to waste utilization.

The high growth potential of the national waste management industry, as well as ample opportunities for additional savings by reducing the cost of payments for negative impact on the environment, confirms the attractiveness of the waste management industry in the Russian Federation for the government, the citizens, waste-generating enterprises and companies producing waste utilization equipment and providing waste management services.

Keywords: waste disposal; landfilling; market capacity; waste management market; sustainable development; The National Project «Ecology»

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