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Khramov V.V. Greening the logistics chain with economic efficiency. Russian journal of resources, conservation and recycling. 2021; 6(1). Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/11ECOR121

Greening the logistics chain with economic efficiency

Khramov Vladimir Valerievich
State university of management, Moscow, Russia

Vishnyakov Yakov Dmitrievich
State university of management, Moscow, Russia
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Abstract. The paper considers the priority areas of greening warehouse logistics, as well as modern methods for assessing the effectiveness of environmentally friendly measures for waste management. The importance of considering warehouse logistics as an element of the logistics chain is noted. Research area and implementation of the research results – identification of the primary source of waste generation in warehouse logistics and identification of the most dangerous element in order to search for methods to increase environmental and economic efficiency in waste management. The article discusses the efficiency of greening in the management of film waste through the creation of an operational cycle for the waste of stretch film, as a promising one. The expediency of a separate assessment of environmental and economic efficiency was also determined, for the latter, modern methods of assessing project management were used. In assessing the indicators of economic efficiency, the potential was determined from the use of indicators that take into account the cost of money over time, in order to balance the fairly estimated economic efficiency from the reverse use of polyethylene waste in cooperation. A method of summary, consolidated assessment of the obtained indicators is proposed for the possible distribution of additional balanced profit in equal proportions. The results, methods and approaches considered in the article reveal the additional potential of greening the warehouse logistics link as an element of the logistics chain, and also determine the priority importance of managing the turnover of film waste over other waste generated in warehouse logistics. The possibility of obtaining economic efficiency from the results of the transition to «green» solutions has been proven not only for a warehouse company, but also for adjacent interacting sectors of the economy.

Keywords: warehouse logistics; reversible waste management; packaging; waste; retrologistics; green solutions

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