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Komarov N.M., Kondratenkova T.I. (2020). Analysis of the 2020 crisis and its consequences in the Kaluga region. Russian journal of resources, conservation and recycling, [online] 3(7). Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/05ECOR320

Analysis of the 2020 crisis and its consequences in the Kaluga region

Komarov Nikolay Mikhailovich
All-Russian research institute «CENTER», Moscow, Russia

Kondratenkova Tatiana Igorevna
National research nuclear university «Moscow engineering physics institute»
Obninsk institute of atomic energy – branch, Obninsk, Russia

Abstract. The end of 2019 will be remembered for the discovery of the new coronavirus infection COVID-19, which has become a major challenge for all of humanity. The ongoing pandemic has provoked a crisis in all spheres of life and is continuously changing the global economic, political, social and other processes, forcing us to adapt to the introduced precautions.

Using a logical and systematic approach to research, applying methods of synthesis and content analysis of the press, electronic media and communication, as well as scientific articles, the authors analyzed the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus infection pandemic on the economic state of the Kaluga Region.

The main socio-economic indicators are considered in dynamics and the most important spheres of the region’s economy are analyzed in more detail. Assumptions have been made about how the restrictive measures designed to reduce the growth of cases affected the life-supporting processes of the region.

The migration processes of the population were considered, and the change in the standard of living was assessed. How the coronavirus has affected the health sector is reflected. It has been analyzed whether the forecast of industrial production can be realized taking into account the current conditions.

Taking into account the fact that a cluster model of development is being implemented in the region, the current indicators of the two leading directions: pharmaceutical and automotive, and their possibilities for the restoration of the regional economy with their help are reviewed.
It was revealed that in the local Kaluga production of a large international pharmaceutical company, it is possible to implement part of the research to create a vaccine against coronavirus infection COVID-19.

Based on the data processed in this article, it can be concluded that the diversification of the regional economy, which the regional administration adheres to, is bearing fruit in the current force majeure conditions. And the clustering of industry and preferential terms of permission for investors in such times have become especially relevant.

Keywords: economic damage; outbreak of coronavirus; pandemic; coronacrisis; regional economy; cluster policy; Kaluga region

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