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Idilov I.I. Substantiation of the mechanism for ensuring environmental and technological modernization of engineering and transport infrastructure facilities in cities. Russian journal of resources, conservation and recycling. 2021; 8(4). Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/05ECOR421

Substantiation of the mechanism for ensuring environmental and technological modernization of engineering and transport infrastructure facilities in cities

Idilov Ibragim Iragievich
Millionshchikov Grozny State Oil Technical University, Grozny, Russia
Kh. Ibragimov Complex Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Abstract. The study found that there is a problem of low efficiency of engineering, transport infrastructure and energy supply of cities. It is revealed that each country is trying to formulate its national goals, in which issues of climate conservation, innovation, improving the quality of education, and the development of green energy are put forward as the most effective tools for their implementation. It is proved that Russia, in order to ensure breakthrough development in the conditions of transition to a new social formation, is making efforts aimed at solving global problems jointly with other countries, which necessitates the creation of modern mechanisms in the field of production process management, based on measures to comply with environmental standards and strict regulation of legislation aimed at rational use of natural resources and environmental protection. It is proved that in order to achieve the national goal of the country, in terms of creating a comfortable living environment, accelerated development of housing construction is necessary, since it acts as a driver of economic development in all reproductive systems. It was revealed that rural housing construction developed most intensively on the territory of the Chechen Republic. It is proved that the growth of housing construction, especially in rural areas, is not accompanied by the creation of a high-quality urban environment.

It was revealed that in Grozny, the area occupied by public highways occupies about 9 % of the total area of the urban area, which is a significant deviation from world standards (at least 25 % of the total area of the cities). The result of the existence of the existing transport system is the presence of «traffic jams», an increase in the time spent by the population when moving, lack of comfort when using public transport.

A set of measures has been proposed that will allow to modernize existing and build new facilities of engineering transport infrastructure equipped with technical systems based on digital technologies. It is established that the construction of infrastructure facilities requires additional sources of financing. The most effective method of attracting investments using the mechanism of public-private partnership is proposed. It is proved that the objects of engineering and transport infrastructure basically have a social orientation, which implies the existence of long payback periods and a low level of profitability. This circumstance imposes additional difficulties on state and municipal authorities to ensure the investment attractiveness of new projects.

Keywords: engineering infrastructure; transport infrastructure; urban energy supply; national goals; climate conservation; innovation; green energy; Russia; breakthrough development; social formation; environmental standards; environmental protection; housing construction; the Chechen Republic; digital technologies

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