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Kozin Yu.A. City Communal Aspiration System — City Without Chimneys. Russian journal of resources, conservation and recycling. 2021; 8(4). Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/12ECOR421

City Communal Aspiration System — City Without Chimneys

Kozin Yuriy Anatolʹevich
All-Russian Research and Design Institute of Metallurgical Engineering
named after Academician A.I. Tselikov, Moscow, Russia

Abstract. Gas emissions are produced by each economic entity individually — whether they are a large industrial enterprise, a boiler-house or a household (dwelling house). At that, in addition to visible chimneys there are a lot of hidden (unrecorded) sources of emissions in form of ventilation branch pipes.

Communal systems for removal and reprocessing of wastes of two types: liquid (municipal sewage lines) and solid (collection and removal of wastes) are operated in populated localities. For the third type of waste — gaseous — a similarly municipal structure does not exist. For the time being there is no possibility for full system control and neutralization of dust and gas wastes because there is no system in the physical form which would enable comprehensive receipt of exit gases from all the city sources for further processing thereof.

It is for the first time when a principally new holistic approach to cleaning/treatment of all city dust and gas emissions (wastes) is proposed which consists in creation of a City Communal Aspiration System (Municipal Aspiration System) containing a city communal aspiration network (gas outlets) for receipt/transportation of exhaust (flue) gases and a plant for utilization of such wastes connected to such network. In other words, it is proposed to organize a “City without Chimneys”.

The proposed solution permits to remove mass unsystematic and uncontrolled emissions of environmentally harmful gas wastes in cities, reduce climate risks and make the transition to a new level of organization of environmental planning and management and, therefore, eliminates or principally simplifies many ecological difficulties and restrictions in urban planning (inseparably related to ecology) in sanitary rules and standards.

Keywords: City Communal Aspiration System; City Without Chimneys; air pollution; carbon dioxide emissions; urban environment; gaseous emissions; climate change mitigation; greenhouse gas emissions; utilization of gas emissions; stationary pollution sources

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