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Russian Journal of Resources, Conservation and Recycling

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Sausheva O.S. (2017). «Ecological footprint» as an indicator of economic growth at the present stage of development. Russian journal of resources, conservation and recycling, [online] 4(4). Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/13RRO417

«Ecological footprint» as an indicator of economic growth at the present stage of development

Sausheva Oksana Sergeevna
Ogarev Mordovia state university, Russia, Saransk

Abstract. The article justifies the need to revise the system of economic indicators (in particular, GDP) and the wider dissemination and inclusion at the state level of additional indicators of economic growth (such as the «ecological footprint» and the «carbon footprint»). The methodology of the study is based on the use of methods of generalization, comparison and analogies, system and institutional analysis, expert assessments. The article examines a significant number of integral indicators of sustainable development (the Index of Economic Welfare of Osberg and Sharpe, the Index of Environmental Sustainability (E81), the Index of Environmental Development (EP1), the indicator of sustainable economic welfare of the Nordhaus and Tobin Sustainable Economic Welfare (ISEW), the General Indicator of Progress (Genuine Progress Indicator – GPl), etc.), their main shortcomings have been identified.In the article, based on the analysis of the report Global Footprint Network (2017) assesses the ecological footprint of the regions and federal districts of the Russian Federation and concludes that it is necessary to reduce the ecological footprint by switching the Russian economy to resource-saving and energy-efficient technologies and forming a model of the circular economy.

Keywords: sustainable development; environmental safety; indicators; economic growth; ecological footprint; carbon footprint; bio-capacity

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