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Komarov N.M., Chulkov V.O. (2019). Effective thinking: think by D. Kahneman introducing infographic models. Russian journal of resources, conservation and recycling, [online] 4(6). Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/14ECOR419

Effective thinking: think by D. Kahneman introducing infographic models

Komarov Nikolai Mikhaylovich
All-Russian research institute «CENTER», Moscow, Russia

Chulkov Vitali Olegovich
National research university Moscow state university of civil engineering, Moscow, Russia

Abstract. Two modes of thinking are known in the scientific community, these are fast and slow thinking. The article discusses the infographic model of thinking according to Kahneman, showing the differences between fast and slow thinking. A person thinks in images (models), and not words, when switching from fast thinking to slow, he eventually gets the correct conclusion. Modeling requires new cybernetic modeling approaches.

The article discusses the three main tasks of visual modeling. One of the approaches in modeling is standardization, which covers a huge number of categories and gives us reason to immediately identify possible anomalies. Two models of the diversity of the space of norms and a model for the emergence of «new» information from which the information base of the human brain is composed are presented. The manifestation of intuition is nothing but recognition.

Keywords: infographics; infographic modeling; modes of thinking; verbal communication; norm space

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