Russian Journal of Resources, Conservation and Recycling
Russian Journal of Resources, Conservation and Recycling

2016, Volume 3, Number 4

Russian journal of resources, conservation and recycling

2016, Volume 3, Number 4

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Astratova G.V., Rushchitskaya O.A. Food resources: some aspects of the influence of scientific and technological progress in the consumer market and marketing of food products
Identification number of article: 04RRO416

Gibadullin A.A., Bortalevich S.I., Kalenskaya E.V. Problems of formation of the electric power system of the Eurasian Economic Union
Identification number of article: 03RRO416

Kasimov D.V., Pinaev V.E. Impact on Red book vegetation resources in project documentation
Identification number of article: 02RRO416

Kiseleva S.P., Shalina A.E., Karelova A.A., Karpov N.V. Theoretical and methodological bases of the analysis on the formation of the institutional environment in the interest of ecological projects — oriented technological development
Identification number of article: 08RRO416

Kalenskaya E.V. Ecological aspects of functioning of the Russian power complex
Identification number of article: 09RRO416

Mokhov A.I., Murzin D.V., Olkhovskiy R.M., Varaksin P.A., Smirnitskiy N.S. On the question of the development of terms of regulatory documents for the reconstruction of sports facilities during the operational phase
Identification number of article: 06RRO416

Pinaev V.E. Review of international publications on environmental audit
Identification number of article: 01RRO416

Tyumenev Yu.Ya., Suchilin V.A. Analysis of dependency properties (lnovatin) beznitochnogo material of the structure
Identification number of article: 07RRO416

Chulkov V.O., Tikhonov E.G., Dziccoev H.A., Semenov M.N. The address with waste of construction and demolition — an important problem
Identification number of article: 05RRO416