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Treyman M.G. Strategic guidelines for water supply and sewerage enterprises. Russian journal of resources, conservation and recycling. 2021; 8(1). Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/01ECOR121

Strategic guidelines for water supply and sewerage enterprises

Treyman Marina Gennadievna
Saint Petersburg state university of economics, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Abstract. The study provides information on the features of strategic management at water supply and sewerage enterprises, which consists of creating long-term strategies in various areas of the enterprise’s activities. A resource-supplying enterprise is a complex multifunctional production and economic system that is aimed at providing the city’s population with water supply and sanitation services, as well as focused on the interests of the consumer. It is possible to achieve the main goals of the enterprise only with the construction of long-term goals and assessment of development prospects. The study provides an analysis of the weaknesses and strengths in the course of the activities of the enterprise SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» and reflects its long-term goals and assesses the prospects for achieving these goals and objectives. Further, the article reflects the matrix of prospects for building complex strategies that allow you to evaluate and plan the activities of the water supply and sewerage enterprise. The article was prepared as part of the author’s dissertation research. Strategic guidelines and, in particular, the matrix contains the main elements of the organization’s activities, which include: the general direction of the enterprise’s activity, interaction along the «consumer» – «enterprise» chain, production, social, environmental strategies of the organization’s activities, investment and tariff strategies. In summary, the presented mechanism reflects the fact that the water supply and sewerage enterprise will develop in the direction of reducing the negative impact on the environment, the ways of innovative development of the enterprise, the enterprise also plans to receive investments from external sources and allocate internal financing for development and projects within the organization. Considerable attention will be paid to the development of production processes, i.e. reduce losses and costs, the most efficient use of enterprise resources, improve the quality of provided services. Special attention will be paid to the field of «working with consumers», which will improve communication between employees of the enterprise and direct subscribers of the organization. Thus, the water supply and sewerage enterprise has prospects in the development of its activities, but the beneficial development depends on external and internal factors and the correct construction of a system of strategic guidelines.

Keywords: water supply and sewerage company; strategic activity; analysis of strengths and weaknesses

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